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Intech enters partnership with Montagu to get to the next level

Visionaries without boundaries Intech, the leader in manufacturing of orthopedic medical devices, is excited to share the news that Montagu has entered exclusive negotiations with Eurazeoto buy the company's majority-stake, investing alongside the Intechmanagement team. The transaction will bolster Intech Group’s momentum in the wake of strategic acquisitions and continued investment in its operations which will reinforce Intech'sposition as a game-changing player in the industry.

Intech Group is on-track to reach $145M in revenue by year-end 2021 thanks to continued investment in its 6 facilities worldwide. Through this new partnership, the Group is setting itself up to navigate today's market and challenges. Intech is known for passion and energy by delivering unique solutions that better patients’ lives around the globe. But more than anything, Intech is known for dreaming big

"Montagu’s support as our new majority shareholder will lay the foundation to carry out and execute our ambitious organic growth and expansion strategies." Laurent Pruvost, President & CEO of intech

Entering a new partnership with Montagu will give Intech a new spark for growth, reinforcing its expansion initiatives while laying the foundations to get to the next level on its bold and ambitious journey. The Group is looking to expand its portfolio and its global reach while scaling-up its production and distribution capabilities and is convinced that Montagu is the right partner to help it achieve this.

When quality meets scale

The Intech Group takes pride in its aspirations but also in the quality of the products and services it offers to its customers. By relentlessly designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art orthopedic devices and delivery systems to better patient’s lives, Intechers worldwide send a powerful statement of intent to the Group’s partners and stakeholders : Intech is committed to maintaining the industrial excellence it has achieved to date throughout its future expansion plans.

Faster. Smarter. Further.

With enhanced production capacities and a strong international presence, Intech is determined to reach new heights in the industry, offering customers increased agility and reactivity, all whilst maintaining its best-in-class customer experience. Intech’s strategic road-map includes capitalizing on its unique know-how in the Robotics and Navigation space as well as investments in state-of-the-art technology such as 3D printing to accelerate time-to-market, for the future of orthopedics. As such, Intech, with the support of its new shareholder, looks more than ever set to push the boundaries of orthopedics.

About Montagu Private Equity

Montagu Private Equity is a European mid-market private equity firm specialized in finding and partnering with businesses that make the world work. Montagu partners with businesses that have a product or service that is critical to its customers, focussing on three sector themes - Healthcare, Technology and Essential Products and Services. Montagu works closely with management team to drive an inflexion in performance through strategic and operational enhancement, primarily focused on growth. Partnership and on-going improvement are at the core of the firm’s approach.

About intech

As a global player in the world market, Intech delivers unique solutions that better patients’ lives around the globe. Founded in 2000, the Group is proud to lead the way in the manufacturing of orthopedics instruments and implants, cases & trays and silicone handles. Powered by 900 Intechers across the United States, France and Malaysia, Intech is a premiere engineering powerhouse, capable of delivering manufacturing solutions anywhere, at any time.