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Intech introduces first and only connected tray for MedTech

Intech's Trackinbox is the first, and only, tray in the market that is fully customizable while offering subscription-free geolocation providing Medical Device companies with daily monitoring of their valuable assets.

Intech, a global leader in Medical Device manufacturing, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest innovation, the Trackinbox. The unique tray is a connected, subscription-free sterilization tray for orthopedics designed to endure extreme autoclave conditions. More than a sterilization container, this customizable solution allows medical device companies to efficiently track & account for surgical kits, addressing a major challenge in the orthopedic industry.

"By offering a customizable, durable, and subscription-free solution, Trackinbox ensures that critical surgical kits are efficiently managed and always ready for use.”

— Romain Ibled, Global Sales Director for Intech

Leveraging a cloud-based dashboard, Trackinbox relies on daily geolocation pings to offer asset tracking of surgical kits, on the go. This enhances accountability across stakeholders, from sales reps to hospitals & ASCs. By ensuring tracking and management of sterilization containers, Trackinbox mitigates the risk of lost or misplaced assets, which can be a significant drain on resources and revenue.

This solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to improved patient care by ensuring that the necessary equipment is available and sterile for the surgery. Facilitated by Intech's expert tray designers, the trackers are embedded seamlessly within the layout of Trackinbox to optimal flow of steam within the autoclave.

Trackinbox is just another example of Intech's commitment to orthopedic innovation. In the dynamic field of orthopedic manufacturing, the importance of efficient asset management cannot be overstated.


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