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Intech Expands Manufacturing Capacity for Surgical Containers: ISO13485 Certified Facility Now Open in Rockaway, NJ

Intech, the market leader in the manufacturing of orthopedic medical devices, today announced that its new Intech Cases Inc. facility in Rockaway, New Jersey, has been awarded ISO13485 certification by AFNOR. Dedicated to the manufacturing of surgical cases, trays and caddies for the orthopedic industry, this 11,000 sq.ft. expansion allows Intech to further enhance its competitive responsiveness by increasing capacity to meet the growing demand for cases & trays in the United States.

intech cases and trays

“We are proud of all the hard work this certification represents and demonstrates our quality commitment to our customers.”says David Hollner, Plant Manager at intechRockaway. “This certification, along with FDA registration, highlights this facility’s commitment to producing top-notch surgical containers while providing Intech with a platform to better serve its customers on both sides of the Atlantic.”


Premium surgical trays and caddies with lightning-fast delivery

The Rockaway site effectively becomes the US extension to Intech’s 30+ years expertise in cases & trays manufacturing at Saint-Soupplets: a 40,000 sq.ft facility with robotic press brakes and state-of-the-art automation. The New Jersey site has been taking delivery of its first equipment since January of 2022 and is expected to complete its cleaning validations by end of June 2023 to further expand Intech’s exceptional responsiveness with production of cases & trays within 10-12 weeks.  Intech will be in full display on booth #437 at OMTEC 2023 June 14-15 in Rosemont, IL


About Intech

Intech is a global market leader and game-changer in the manufacturing of complex orthopedic medical devices. It all starts with innovation, and nobody knows this better than Intech. With manufacturing facilities around the world and unique initiatives and savoir-faire, Intech is at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of orthopedic devices manufacturing as well as asset management, ensuring optimal patient care is delivered day in day out. This is who we are. We tech care.