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In’Tech Medical Launches Wayvio, A New Line Of Intelligent Surgical Instruments For Orthopedics

In’Tech Medical SAS (, a world leader in Contract Manufacturing of surgical instruments in Orthopedics, announced today the launch of its new Wayvio platform, dedicated to enhancing standalone surgical instruments with smart communication tools.

“With the launch of Wayvio, In’Tech Medical continues to drive innovation and set new standards in the world of Orthopedics,” said Laurent Pruvost, President. He added “The Wayvio technology strikes a new balance between manufacturing excellence and electronics, enabling OEMs and medical staff to achieve more than what they ever thought possible with a surgical instrument. It is fulfilling for the In’Tech Medical team across the world - US, Europe and Asia, to bring to market a technological platform that will help our customers as well as hospitals and surgery centers optimize their logistics while keeping in tune with their instruments & trays.”

The Wayvio technology can be retrofitted and integrated into almost any instrument, instantaneously turning it into a powerful wireless device. Transparent for the surgeon or medical staff, instruments bearing the Wayvio technology will seamlessly store and communicate key parameters, such as number of sterilizations, helping with data exchange between OEMs, Medical Staff and Sales Reps.

“By facilitating traceability, and increasing accountability as well as efficiency, the Wayvio technology decreases the collateral risks associated with any instrument’s life-cycle,” said Patrick Khalife, R&D Director. “The Wayvio on board electronics are self-triggered throughout the instrument’s life-cycle with no human interaction. Specific data points, such as number of sterilization or amount of torque “clicks” are collected and can wirelessly be accessed through an intuitive Android-based NFC reader. It truly is a game changer.”

Wayvio allows OEMs, hospitals and all actors in supply chain to stay in tune with their surgical instruments. By accessing its core, they can monitor at any time occurrences such as:

    Frequency of OR (ie. Operation Room) exposure

    Recurrence of surgical use (ie. impaction, torque limiting “click” etc.)

    History of inadvertent events such as accidental dropping of instruments or tray, and out of range impaction or strains

As an adaptable platform, Wayvio’s applications are virtually limitless with possibility to geotag last known connection of a device or adding notes post-operative comments.

Join In’Tech Medical, booth #1151 at NASS (October 26th thru 29th) for hands-on Wayvio sessions or learn more at

In’Tech Medical

Founded in France in 2000, In’Tech Medical is a global leader in orthopedic contract-manufacturing. With the company’s recent expansion in USA and Malaysia, In’Tech Medical is now the world’s largest provider of surgical instruments to the Spine Industry. Powered by a diverse product portfolio, an ability to find solutions to complex engineering challenges, and over 500 employees globally, In’Tech Medical is ideally positioned for sustainable growth and personalized customer care.

In’Tech Medical is also home to The Prototype Garage - prototype dedicated cells located both in Europe & the US, with the intent of serving industry with production-equivalent prototypes in a rapid-delivery setting.